How To Deal With Extra Pounds Gained In Quarantine

How To Deal With Extra Pounds Gained In Quarantine

The quarantine period has disrupted the life we used to enjoy. Who would have thought that it would last that long? Some projected that it would die down after a short while. However, that belief has led to frustration as weeks become months, and months become a year. Throughout that lasting duration, each has gone through several losses and gains.

Life under lockdown also caused mental and physical challenges. Humans are social beings, yet being locked up inside our homes has led to countless zoom interactions. Online fatigue, alone, came with an immense impact on our productivity. Similarly, there was no way to escape due to the closing of recreational centers, gyms, and shopping malls.

These stressors affected the lifestyle of people. Sleeping patterns have changed and eating habits have altered. Since everyone got stuck at home, there was a limited way to burn the piling amount of calories.

Weight gain is one of the struggles people face post-quarantine. If you are one of them, do not be too harsh on yourself. Instead, you can reflect on why it happened and what quarantine diet you can adopt moving forward.

The Causes of Quarantine 15

Quarantine 15 means “pounds gained during the pandemic.”

WebMD is one of the most credible sources of health information in the United States. They have conducted a poll with over a thousand readers as participants. As a result, nearly half of women and over a quarter of men admitted that they gained weight because of covid restrictions.

As formal as the term sounds, quarantine 15 has become the talk of the town, especially when making fun of people who have put on weight. It is true that in this uncertain season, everybody needs a little laugh. However, weight is a sensitive matter. Beyond the physical indications, there are other factors at play, thus joking about quarantine 15 can only do more harm than good.

As support for the research conducted by WebMD, below are the possible causes of weight gain.

You Lost Track of Your Calorie Intake

People cope in different ways. Since pandemic fatigue is real, most people resorted to stress eating. Being locked up at home bore the freedom to do things without fear of judgment. Compared to the busy days you had before, the quarantine life made life a little less intense. There is no need to skip breakfast during the morning rush. You also do not have to fit breakfast and lunch together, mostly when you are too occupied with work. The quarantine life has pushed people to cook at home.

However, this also contributed to the additional pounds you have acquired. Eating heavy meals three times a day increases your calorie intake. For the record, an average person only needs 2500kcal to maintain a healthy body weight. For unburned calories, your system converts it into body fats.

You Snack More While You Work

Months after the lockdown, a lot of companies changed their mode of operation. The majority of them transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) set-up. This arrangement is favorable for some. However, not everybody has a conducive place to work at home. It added up to the stress people need to handle. For others, the kitchen table is the best place they’ve got.

Since foods are easy to reach, it gets easier to munch whenever you feel hungry. But due to the things going on at once, people unknowingly interchanged physical and emotional hunger. Studies have shown that distracted eating causes people to eat more.

You Lack Right Amount of Sleep and Physical Activities

Your movements are limited as you get stuck at home 24/7. With all the things occurring side-by-side, exercising might fall as the least of a priority. However, experts suggest that even though exercising is not the main factor for weight loss, its presence in your quarantine diet can help reduce and maintain your weight. Additionally, it is beneficial to burn your extra calories from excessive eating.

On the other hand, you get hormonal imbalance when you are sleep-deprived. Your lack of rest increases tiredness and hunger, leading you to eat more. The imbalances also lessen your leptin. It is a hormone that regulates your food hunger and satisfaction. For the record, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function well.

Quarantine Diet For Weight Loss

Overeating and physical inactivity can lead to obesity. However, a proper quarantine diet can prevent this complication. Apart from body image, starting your quarantine weight loss plan can also reduce your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. You can begin your home quarantine diet through the following:

Focus On Easy Meals - The entirety of the pandemic is exhausting. Even though you have plenty of time at home, you still have to rest your mind from laborious cooking every once in a while. There are easy-to-prepare meals that are budget-friendly and nutritious. Take, for instance, ready-made smoothies. Its ultimate ingredients are rich in proteins that will help you satiate hunger.

Squeeze In Physical Activity - Burn the calories. Fight against inactivity. Physical activity does not have to be heavy. Studies have shown that taking a 20-minute nature walk can increase your level of cortisol. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. In return, adding this to your quarantine diet can help you divert your attention from foods.

Adjust Your Mindset - Do not pressure yourself too much. Instead of dwelling on the disadvantages of quarantine 15, you can tweak your mindset a bit. Adding this to your quarantine diet can help ease your worries. It serves as a great foundation to maximize your time, improve your health, and better your life in general. Remember: “whatever your mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.”

Quarantine Diet: Health Over Weight

Indeed, the quarantine period made you question things you once fully believed. A lot has changed, including the way you handle yourself. If you are among those who have gained extra pounds, know that it is not shameful at all. You are not alone.

Like everybody who has their fair share of struggles during the pandemic, your concern is valid. There are countless ways to help you slim down, but whatever you aspire to achieve in your quarantine diet, your overall health should always come first above anything else.

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