About Us

About Us

Sending Nutes into the world

In 2017, we opened a juice bar in Port Hope, Ontario. Using only raw, fresh ingredients, we developed a line of yummy and nutritious superfood smoothies and cold-pressed juices that people loved. Nutes products became known for high quality and excellent flavour.

But the shelf life of fresh, raw products is very limited, and expansion of our business required that products last longer than a few days. Most juice and smoothie companies "sell out" nutrition and taste by using pasteurization to extend shelf life. But we didn't want to pasteurize -- we got into this business for the fantastic nutritional value and sheer tastiness of our products, and didn't wish to deceive people about the health value of our products. Nutes will never "greenwash" by making false health claims.

Did you know that pasteurization methods, even less damaging ones like HPP, reduce some nutrient values by up to 70 percent?! And of course, destroying potentially harmful microorganisms means destroying all the beneficial ones, too -- and the microorganisms in our ingredients are integral to the maintenance of a healthy gut flora.  

We developed a unique product: the smoothie puck! We are the only frozen smoothie puck on the market that boasts raw cold-pressed juices as key ingredients. We are the only frozen smoothie puck on the market with no strange tastes or aftertastes -- unlike other brands, we do not use processed supplement powders as ingredients. And we began freezing our juice blends, too. Freezing maintains the ingredients' full range of health benefits. FROZEN IS THE NEW FRESH!

Our passion is to provide fresh, extremely healthy, plant-based convenience foods to everyday superheroes like you, which is why we developed Nutes. We don't cut corners -- we work hard on our recipes and ingredient sourcing to ensure each product offers unparalleled taste and quality. We count on becoming successful by offering the best taste experience and freshness in our category. And gram to gram, our products are sold at a lower prices than competing brands.

We know you will love NUTES as much as we do!


Saving the world through food.

We care about your health and care deeply about our planet. Our products are made in small batches and use the freshest ingredients. We try to source all of our produce locally and believe in supporting our Ontario farmers. We use reusable silicone molds to shape and freeze our smoothie pucks, and package our smoothie pucks in fully compostable bags. Our goal is to produce as little waste as possible.

Meet Electric Juice Factory.

You might notice that Nutes is owned by a company called Electric Juice Factory, or EJF. This was the name of our first venture in the juice world, and inspired the creation of Nutes. You might see the Electric Juice Factory name on your juice or smoothie pucks, which is still the name of Nutes parent company.

"We love your products. My Dad is going through cancer treatments and your smoothies pucks are what fuel him on the days he has low energy and no appetite."


Katelyn G.

2 APR 2020

"We start each day with your smoothie pucks. Your products are amazing, best I've had anywhere! My son even took some with him to university."



Katelyn G.

2 APR 2020

"We are big fans. I have used them regularly the last year or so. Very convenient when you have young kids running around and don't always have time to think of food to eat."


Rachelle W.

6 July 2020