Raw Matters

About Us

Sending Raw Nutes into the World

In 2017, we opened a juice bar in a small town in Ontario. Using only raw, fresh ingredients, we developed a line of yummy and nutritious superfood smoothies and cold-pressed juices that people loved. In 2019, we became a health food manufacturer!

--Processed foods are making people sick. Humans need to consume a high proportion of whole foods: ingredients "as close to the original source" as possible. All our main ingredients start out raw and remain raw. We use freezing (not pasteurizing) to extend shelf life. This is why our smoothies and juices taste more intense and lively, and make you feel more energized and well-nourished.

--ALL pasteurization methods reduce and destroy nutrients. Destroying potentially harmful microorganisms means destroying ALL beneficial ones, too -- microbes integral to healthy gut flora are destroyed by pasteurization.  

--Most juice and smoothie companies pasteurize to extend shelf life. Many not only pasteurize, but use aseptic purees, extracts, and concentrates. In some cases, ALL ingredients arrive at the factory already processed. Many food companies never buy raw, whole food ingredients!

--Nutes are the only frozen smoothie pucks on the market featuring raw, cold-pressed juices as key ingredients.

--Nutes are the only frozen smoothie pucks on the market with no strange tastes or aftertastes, because we do not use processed supplement powders as ingredients. 

--Nutes makes delightful raw juice blends, too, sold frozen in the bottle.

--We are in this business to share the joy and wellness raw juices and smoothies bring to people. 




"We love your products. My Dad is going through cancer treatments and your smoothies pucks are what fuel him on the days he has low energy and no appetite."


Katelyn G.

2 APR 2020

"We start each day with your smoothie pucks. Your products are amazing, best I've had anywhere! My son even took some with him to university."



Katelyn G.

2 APR 2020

"We are big fans. I have used them regularly the last year or so. Very convenient when you have young kids running around and don't always have time to think of food to eat."


Rachelle W.

6 July 2020