Super Energy Smoothies for the Driven Athletes

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Sport is culture. It carries the soul of a nation across the world through international sporting events. It has been around even before the emergence of technology. It has grown bigger, popular, and more inclusive. But why do people care so much about sports, anyway?

More than economic reasons, people are attached to sports on a personal level. For avid fans, it boosts morale and increases their desire to improve themselves. For athletes, the opportunity to have a platform to share their skills and inspire people could be another introspection.

The competency level of athletes does not need further questioning. It might have been part of their system to take things a little extra, especially during competitions. If you are an athlete, you have probably received messages once in your life that go: “bring home the bacon”, or “break a leg!”. With avid fans and countrymen rallying behind your back, the pressure and competency level intensifies most of the time.

Rain or Shine in Sports

As you do not want to let down the people who bet on you, there is lots of work to do. Training, for one, is crucial to prepare your system for stringent tournaments. Still, the preparations are already laborious. For you to endure, it is necessary to have a sound mind and a robust body.

One scientific way you can ensure successful extensive training is through diet. Of course, fruits and vegetables should have space on your plate. But considering the busy schedule that you have, readily-made superfoods like smoothies can be your training-buddy.

High energy smoothies strengthen the part of the body you mainly use in the sport that you play. Here are some popular sports worldwide, and some energy-boosting smoothies you can pair to help you perform well during your game.

High Energy Smoothie for Football Players

Football, which is also known as soccer, is the most popular ball game. Its rules and equipment are simple. This sport is composed of 2 teams with 11 players. The goal is to hit more points against the opponent within 90 minutes.

As a football player, you know that your legs are your greatest asset.. But since you already have the training and exercise to gain more advantages over your rivals, all you need to worry about now is your diet. Here are some superfoods that will help strengthen your lower body, particularly your legs.

Energy Smoothie with Spinach - One of the most popular ingredients in making a green-energy smoothie is spinach. For football players, a cup of spinach can already supply you with the 25% of daily calcium that your body needs. It is also rich in Vitamin K that helps in the production of osteocalcin, which stabilizes  calcium in your bones. Its fiber, magnesium, and vitamin C content also offers other essential nutrients for your brain health.

For players who do not want the taste all by itself, adding it to a staple drink, like this Go Go Green Smoothie, is an excellent option. They won’t even notice that it is there!

High Energy Smoothie for Basketball Players

Is there anyone in the world who does not know basketball?  in-demand players have added to the recognition of this sport. Basketball is also a simple team sport. You can play it in any rectangular place that has rings on both sides.

But unlike football, the upper body is the main asset needed to win basketball. Eating foods that help strengthen muscles, particularly those that control shoulder joints, shoulder blades, wrists, and elbows, will be highly beneficial along  with its strict training.

Energy Smoothie with Yogurt and Nuts - Basketball is a high-intensity sport that requires physical agility. Choosing the food to nourish your body is challenging, especially if you are a college player who does not have the means to eat a proper diet, unlike professional ones. But no need to fret! A smoothie that contains yogurt and nuts like this Mocha Berry Smoothie can be an ideal pick.

Nuts, which are included in this Mocha Berry Smoothie, are a good source of protein and fats that help build and maintain muscles. For the record, a half-cup of this superfood already contains large amounts of healthy fats, 17 grams of protein, and 16 grams of carbohydrates. 

On the other hand, yogurt in an energy smoothie is an ideal training partner. It is also rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which are essential for strong and healthy bones to sustain the muscles. 

High Energy Smoothie for Full Body Sports

Some sports require the coordination of the entire system. These include badminton, volleyball, and table tennis. To meet all the jumps, crunches, and rapid movements in badminton, including the agility and stretching of arms needed in volleyball, plus the stance for tennis, one must eat nutritious foods to stay fit and balanced.

There are countless energy smoothie recipes for busy athletes. This staple drink will provide you with numerous benefits with a little time and effort. It is highly essential for athletes who lack the time to eat  solid meals, especially after workouts. All these energy smoothies are also useful not only to regain lost vitality but also to lose some pounds.

Energy Smoothie with Berries - Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E. As these sports go through strenuous physical activity every day, drinking a smoothie with blueberries can help fight off oxidative stress and free radicals.

It is highly advisable to choose berries with intense colors, like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The darker the color is, the higher its phytochemicals and protective substances.

Energy Smoothie with Bananas - Did you know that you sweat out potassium after physical activities? Right! But as an athlete who needs to recover right away, you can replenish all that you have lost instantly through bananas. An energy smoothie that contains one banana offers 422 mg of potassium. This superfood ingredient will help you regulate fluids and prevent muscle cramps and spasms.

Energy Smoothie with Pineapples - After every  workout, a pineapple can provide you with 22 grams of carbohydrates to help you regain energy. The bromelain, an enzyme found in this fruit, also helps reduce inflammation, strains, and joint pains.

Sporting A Healthier You

Athletes usually deal with expectations. Sports is indeed a competitive world. However, with the right preparation and a healthy attitude, you are already halfway to  winning.

But although winning is the ultimate goal, staying healthy and safe until the end of every workout and competition is still a valuable trophy you can sport.

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