Superfood Regimen Against Cancer In A Smoothie Way

superfood regime for cancer patients

Superfood smoothies are a favored choice for people with an active lifestyle. It is fast to prepare yet quick to swallow food. Besides its delectable taste and time-saving benefits, it is also beneficial for cancer patients and survivors who experience dysphagia or have difficulty swallowing food.

About 50% of cancer survivors who are under therapy experience changes in their taste buds. As their mouths get dry and sore, most of the food they ingest also tastes bland. It manifests an arduous process of acquiring nutrients to strengthen the immune system, and steer the effects of medication.

Superfood smoothies are readily available, energizing, and nutrient-dense. It is a perfect source of vitamins and minerals to sustain your body, especially if you feel exhausted to crunch solid food. This superfood regimen for cancer patients comes in different flavors with ingredients that may complement medicines and treatment.

Here are tips to guide you in choosing an apt superfood smoothie for cancer. This will help you alleviate your waning appetite while keeping your system hydrated.

Bank On Mildly Sweet And Dark-Colored Fruits

One of the superfood regimens for cancer patients includes fruits. It requires little energy to realize that filling up your diet with it can do you wonders. Realistically, no food can stop cancer alone. However, the side effects of chemotherapy can be worsened or improved by what you eat and drink. Your fruit intake can slow down tumor growth while easing your way out to recovery.

When you resort to drinking this meal substitute, you can choose one that contains ingredients such as bananas, mangoes, and ripe pears. Medical professionals recommend including dark-fruits such as watermelons, grapes, and berries as these contain cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

There are plenty of fruits that you can match with the side effects of the treatment you are experiencing. If you feel like gagging from nausea, soft fruits such as plums, cherries, apples, and strawberries that are present in superfood smoothie ingredients are the best option.

If you are feeling constipated, dried fruit components such as cashews, walnuts, and apricots can also help you feed off that reaction. Additionally, what’s good about choosing a readily-made drink is the chance to shrug off the belief of skipping fruits with small seeds, such as berries, whenever your mouth sore as these fruits make it worse. With superfood smoothies, ingredients are concentrated and provided in liquid forms, making it easier for you to consume.

Add Leafy Vegetables

Smoothies are popular as drinks that contain loads of fruits. But as time passed by, fitness enthusiasts and dietitians upgraded its way of servings by adding vegetables.

Leafy vegetables, as part of the superfood regimen for cancer patients, enhance the smoothie taste and nutrients. These components are low in sugar and a great source of minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that is essential in battling the effects of cancer treatment, specifically through its B-vitamins and iron that help reproduce blood cells.

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, collard greens, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are additional ingredients you should put your eyes into when purchasing a superfood smoothie. Studies have shown that because of its powerful phytochemicals, it slows down the growth of many cancer cells.

Consider Proteins

Nutritional stability is crucial in cancer treatment. And protein is one of the needed nutrients, especially after chemo or radiation therapy. These extra proteins help heal tissues and fight infections.

For patients, knowing the right amount of protein to intake is pivotal. To calculate how much protein you need, you have to substitute 0.8 grams of it with 1-1.5 grams such that, if you weigh 200 pounds, the minimum amount of protein required of you is 90 grams per day.

Superfood regimen for cancer patients also includes ingredients that are rich in protein, such as nuts and yogurt. These components, when added to your meal, will assist your system in stabilizing your blood sugar. It will also help you combat the psychological stress that comes with dealing with the disease itself, including the debilitating treatment process behind it.

Heighten The Benefits

Now more than ever, your food choices impact your way to recovery big time. There is nothing wrong with applying an extra boost to your smoothie to heighten its nutrient levels.

Superfood smoothies have paved ways for you to conserve and escalate your energy even more. You don’t have to exert much effort in the preparation process, and yet you can still obtain additional vigor.

Spices, seeds, and herbs are accustomed components to scout as it amps up the drink. Apart from that, it also offers benefits that cater to some of the side effects brought by treatment.

For an upset stomach, ginger, cinnamon, and mint, as a natural inflammatory ingredient can help you soothe your pain. Also, chia seeds are one of the smoothie boosting ingredients that are powerful anti-cancer food. It contains lignans that have an anti-estrogenic effect that hinders cell growth in breast tumors.

As chia seeds infiltrate your system through smoothie drinks, it helps you restrict as well the growth of cervical and breast cancer cells. Ultimately, these ingredient considerations can be collated as part of the cancer patient menu when choosing the right superfood regimen for cancer patients.

Use Decaffeinated Liquids

Coming down in favor of Superfood Smoothie as your source of nutrients within your treatment period, it is salient to understand that there are still necessary actions to take before you savor its health benefits. Do not be surprised, but the process is simple as 1, 2, 3 that can be translated as, put your liquid, add your superfood smoothie, and blend away!

Staying hydrated is crucial for people who experience nausea while on treatment. In the process of preparing a superfood regimen for cancer patients, position your focus on choosing the liquids you will use.

If you are monitoring your calorie ingestion, filtered water is the best option. Low-fat milk also got you covered if you want to add creaminess and calcium to your drink. Plant-based milk such as almond, soy, rice milk, oat can be a satisfying solution as well. Apart from these, you can also pour in some coconut milk. It is a natural rehydration beverage that is low in calories, cholesterol-free plus it is abundant in potassium. 

You Are What You Eat

Everything that you consume might it be food for the tummy or food for the brain, can affect your being. 

There indeed are miracle foods that cure cancer. The abovementioned superfood smoothie ingredients included. However, putting into account other factors that affect your physical and mental well being is crucial for you to recuperate faster. 

For people who strive to recover from the disease, please know that your tenacity empowers people who are looking. 

Keep on fighting! 

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