Superfood Smoothies: Health Served Up the Most Convenient Way

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Staying healthy and fit is an uphill battle for busy people. We find ourselves juggling family and career obligations while also striving to make time for socializing, leisure, and rest.  

As life gets more hectic, little things that are important to one's health get pushed aside. There's often just not enough time to grace the gym with your presence or to prepare even simple healthy meals for the family. Fortunately, some innovative companies who care about human health and quality food are now manufacturing convenience foods that are not merely time-saving and tasty, but also provide serious health benefits. One of our favourite new “healthy fast food” products is the superfood smoothie. 

Who would have thought that breakfast could be this easy, enjoyable, and healthy? You no longer have to spend time and energy preparing raw fruits and vegetables for your smoothies. Companies like Nutes are now making unpasteurized, 100% whole foods superfood smoothies. Blended ingredients are easy to digest in the morning, nutrient uptake is fast, and a good superfood smoothie in the morning prevents you from experiencing sugar crashes and dangerous mid-morning cravings. 

The Nutritious Powerhouse Quencher

Nourishing the body with raw vegetables and fruits greatly reduces the risk of acquiring a chronic disease. A multitude of vitamins, minerals, fiber, beneficial microorganisms, and anti-oxidants are packed into a good superfood smoothie. Anyone can get a healthy dose of “food medicine” from a superfood smoothie, as there are smoothie flavours to please people of all ages and tastes -- superfood smoothies are especially useful to help improve the diets of those folks who are disinclined to eat the recommended daily quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Below are a few of the essential health benefits you will enjoy if you make superfood smoothies a dietary staple. 

Metabolism Boost 

Metabolism determines the number of calories burned by your system. It changes as people grow older. The higher your metabolism is, the easier it is for you to lose weight. Superfood smoothies help regulate metabolism as they contain proteins, fats, and other nutrients in a highly bioavailable form that is quickly absorbed and helps prevent cravings and overeating. Studies have shown that spicy ingredients such as ginger and cayenne pepper also increase metabolic rate, and these are smoothie-friendly ingredients.

Pain Relief 

The inability to do everyday activities because of joint pain can be treated in several ways, and prioritizing anti-inflammatory foods is an important strategy. Eating leafy and green vegetables is of primary importance, but many people don’t enjoy these foods or have time to prepare them to make them more palatable. . Using them as smoothie ingredients solves this dilemma. Foods such as kale, broccoli, spinach, and collard greens can be consumed in liquid forms, providing vitamin E and C. Vitamin C helps in the creation of collagen, a primary component of cartilage that sustains joint flexibility. Meanwhile, Vitamin E protects the body against inflammation. In smoothies, these ingredients can also be consumed raw, and many raw plant foods are beneficial for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Blood Pressure Lowering

Diets enriched with potassium help prevent heart disease caused by high blood pressure. The typical fruit smoothie recipe contains a banana, a potassium-rich ingredient. Feeding yourself potassium-rich drinks helps your body to eliminate excess sodium, which is important for people striving to lower blood pressure. Additional smoothie ingredients that will help lower blood pressure include leafy greens, oranges, and nuts and seeds.  

Preventing Diabetes 

Fight your sweet food addictions! Sugar is not sweet for our health! Switching to a more fibrous diet can help combat pre-diabetes. Green smoothie recipes can be your go-to -- green smoothies can be made tasty even when they contain elements like broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts. These cruciferous ingredients are highly protective, and certain fruit components like apples, berries, and citrus can also be helpful to beat diabetes. 

Decreasing Alzheimer's Risk

Aging plays a role in developing Alzheimer's, but contrary to popular belief, Alzheimer's is not a natural part of getting older. The thought of developing this disease is terrifying to many, but promising studies show that changing your eating habits can help you reduce the risk of developing a degenerative brain disease. Blueberries are a popular smoothie ingredient known to have anthocyanin-antioxidants that guard neurons, enhance brain cell communication, and improve blood circulation to the brain. Anti-inflammatory foods previously mentioned (such as raw leafy greens) may also offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

The Weight-loss Sidekick  

One of the smoothie’s popular selling propositions is its ability to help people lose weight. A healthy superfood smoothie breakfast that contains protein-rich ingredients can greatly subdue food cravings. Enzymes from the raw plant components help dissolve body fat and aid up the circulatory system. But superfood smoothies alone aren’t the key to weight loss, as diet and exercise still play a big part in achieving your #bodygoals. 

Enhancing Skin

What you put inside your body affects your outside appearance. Your skincare routine can help your skin, but a diet rich in nutrients devised to add strength and vitality to your skin is way even more important -- many people who eat well and exercise regularly find that their skin requires little maintenance, and they can easily forego expensive skincare products. Superfood smoothies that contain carotenoids from ingredients such as mango, pumpkin, and dark leafy greens are highly beneficial in achieving a smooth, glowing complexion and clear, bright eyes. Vegetable juices (like carrot juice) make excellent smoothie ingredients, too, but avoid using pasteurized juices, as pasteurizing foods to achieve the longer shelf life required by the grocery industry greatly reduces the health benefits of most ingredients.

Controlling Mood Swings

 To relieve stress, flood your system with nutrients from raw healthy plant foods. The banana and pineapple ingredients in many superfood smoothies are perfect for mood-boosting as these contain an amino acid that helps our bodies produce serotonin that helps regulate our mood. The banana pineapple type of smoothie is a great base for adding leafy greens like kale and spinach. The healthy fats we get from added nuts and seeds also help to regulate our moods.

Helping You Sleep 

Many people experience sleep issues, and superfood smoothies can help address these issues, too. Ingredients with melatonin, such as cherries and tart cherry juice, can help modulate your sleep-wake cycle. Consuming earthy vegetables in your smoothies, using ingredients such as beet and turmeric, can be very grounding and calming for your system. 

Prepared Superfood Smoothies: On-The-Go Lifesaver

Gone are the days when you must spend significant time prepping your raw fruits and vegetables to have healthful ingredients for smoothies. You can now enjoy lower stress in the mornings by sourcing quality frozen ingredients or even buying completely prepared frozen superfood smoothies such as those made by Nutes Nutrition -- simply blend with your favourite liquid and drink! Wave goodbye to the hassle of preparing a full breakfast meal. Superfood smoothies are the most convenient and effective way to power up your body in the morning so that you can conquer the day! You can even put your well-balanced smoothie breakfast “meal” in a to-go cup and take it with you when you’re getting out the door a bit late in the morning!

Time-saving advantages of purchasing a ready-made superfood smoothie are clear, but avoid pasteurized drinks at all costs -- be sure that you don’t fall for “health washing” marketing schemes that sell you the idea that pasteurized smoothies are full of health benefits due to having impressive ingredient lists. Certain health advantages that fresh, raw, plant ingredients offer are not provided by pasteurized drinks. Freezing is one of the only ways to extend shelf life and retain the nutritional value of the ingredients in a food.

Some additional advantages of choosing frozen prepared smoothies such as Nutes Frozen Superfood Smoothies:

  • Nutes Smoothies save valuable time as they are incredibly quick to prepare
  • In a hurry? You can carry your superfood smoothie wherever you go!
  • Obtaining the right amount of nutrients and enzymes that your body needs has never been easier as all the Nutes flavours feature an interesting and well-balanced variety of high-quality plant-based ingredients
  • minimizing kitchen waste: that takes up space and requires your time and energy to manage 
  • Nutes do not contain powdered supplements and feature only whole food ingredients, ensuring the consistently appealing taste and texture with no strange aftertaste!

A Nutritious, New Staple

Numerous benefits of smoothies are being recognized by health food aficionados for a long time. But, a great deal of new attention is directed toward Superfood Smoothies because they perfectly meet the needs of busy modern people who wish to apply the health experts’ advice and consume much higher quantities of raw, healthy plant foods. Thanks to food industry players as they are becoming more attuned to the needs of people today. Having a healthy diet does not have to be complicated or labour intensive. Superfood smoothies provide a simply wonderful way to increase health, and practically everybody can access the tools and ingredients required, and find their way to flavourful recipes that they find enjoyable to consume. Making smoothies at home from scratch is fairly easy and manageable for many people, but now that complete 1-step prep alternatives such as Nutes are available, authentically prepared health foods have reached a whole new level of convenience! Truly nutritious sustenance for the body can be realized in 3 quick and easy steps. Awesome, indeed! 

Now, add some liquids, toss in your favourite Nutes Frozen Superfood Smoothie Pucks, and get powered-up for life!            

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