Wellness Tips 2021: Starting the Year Strong and Healthy

wellness tips 2021

How are your New Year’s resolutions going now that we’re two months into 2021?

The past year was not kind. The toll of the pandemic surpassed borders, and it did not spare anyone. The struggles are evident when you go back to the 12 months that passed. But, there are still a handful of good things to recognize — your immune system as one, for making it this far.

With all the obstacles, it is vital to put health as a topmost priority now. It is when you are healthy that you can achieve the life goals you have placed for the year, even with the uncertainty that comes with it. If you wonder where to begin, here are some wellness tips to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Starting today, moving forward.

You Are Better with A Healthy Mind and Body

Whether you are a college student, a newbie in the adulting world, a working professional, or a housewife, there is nothing more fulfilling than to cross out all the deliverables you have set for the day. There are loads of tips on the internet that will help you strategize better and faster. But, the most effective tactics still fall into taking charge of your brain and body.

The nutritious food you consume will not only help you stay on the move, it will also save you from the long-term damages of illnesses. Feeding your mind with the food necessary to generate healthy thoughts is vital. Overall, finding balance in between can increase productivity, improve your relationship with people, including yourself, and most importantly, boost your outlook in life.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

This abundant source of life is a valuable factor to improve your system in general. It flushes out all the toxins from your body and keeps you hydrated. Among other wellness tips for 2021, this is beneficial for people who are eyeing weight loss. Most of the time, feeling peckish is mistaken as an empty stomach that pushes people to eat a lot. In this situation, water is a good alternative because it helps satiate hunger.

Additionally, drinking a glass of water before mealtime can decrease your food intake. However, if you are not a fan of drinking lots of fluids, there are options available to satisfy your taste and preference. There are frozen juice blends and superfood smoothies that you can turn into. Plus, contain different flavors that you can mix and match with your meal.

  1. Step Up Your Posture and Exercise Regime

As you get lost in your day to day tasks, slouching and posture is often not on your mind. But, starting the 2021 strong comes with practicing good posture. It can improve breathing, reduce back pain, and enhance digestion. You can do this by standing up straight or sitting up in a chair with a straight back. You can also stretch every 30 minutes or have a quick walk during your break. Studies have shown that walking increases creativity.

These are just an example of some wellness tips in the workplace you can apply. If you are studying or working from home, you can also include this in your routine to be more productive. But in general, stepping up your exercise regime holds significance for stronger immunity. Nutritionists advise to include three days of strength building exercise a week. But considering other facets of life, a 10-minute-exercise daily is enough to stabilize your mood.

  1. Eat One Serving of Superfood Each Day

Brave the new year by eating a proper diet and getting enough sleep. The vitamins and minerals found in superfood carry benefits to all parts of your body. Its health advantages transcend inside and out, making you look brighter and happier. Adding fruits, vegetables, or nuts to your meal can improve your mental and physical function.

There are a handful of wellness tips to acquire your daily superfood dose, depending on your lifestyle. If you have enough time on your plate, you can peel, slice, and eat them as it is — whole and raw. But if you are always on-the-go, readily-made superfood smoothies are an incredible option. Either way, the nutrients are guaranteed.

  1. Get Enough Rest

Another wellness tip -- get enough sleep. A lot of people struggle to turn off their minds before bedtime. If you are one of them, one strategy you can apply is to turn off your digital screen an hour before you sleep. Or better yet, leave your phone in the living room at night. This way, you will not be tempted to pick it up anymore. 

Doing some yoga, taking a hot bath, or journaling can also help you drift off to sleep faster. Overall, building a proper sleeping habit is beneficial. It helps your mind and body replenish from stressful situations.

Wellness Tips for The Brain

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. After the tiring year that was 2020, you owe yourself some mental and emotional care. If the past year has drained you, visiting a mental health professional can help you get back on track. Given all the stressors of everyday hustle, knowing how to zone out every once in a while can help you think of a more realistic solution. For a resilient mind and emotional composure, you may consider the following wellness tips:

  1. Connect with Nature Once A Week

One of the proven wellness tips to improve your mental health is a 20-minute walk with nature. But it is still crucial to follow the health protocols against the virus. To lower the risk of infection, heading to open space is necessary. You can go to the nearest park, garden, or a small plot of grass. This way, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system to increase your feeling of joy and decrease your blood pressure.

  1. Connect with Yourself: Start a Gratitude Journal

One of the most recommended tips to improve mental health is writing. In this case, making a habit of documenting what happened in your day, including the 3-things you are grateful for each day, will be of real impact. It will serve as a reminder that life is not entirely terrible, after all. So, ignite that hope, buy a journal, write, and repeat.

  1. Establish Human Connection

Human connection is what makes life worth living. Improve your emotional intimacy with your friends and loved ones. Set up a video or audio call to make the experience more wholesome. 

Additionally, you can also adopt a furry friend. Owning a pet can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus, it also decreases anxiety and depression rates.

Taking Care Your Health is Beyond Personal

You see, prioritizing your physical and mental wellbeing can start a domino effect. If you feel good about yourself, your energy radiates towards the people around you and the things you do.

The spirit of the new year allows us to cling to hope again; believing that resolutions are not just about changing what is bleak and ugly. Sometimes, it offers chances to carry forward the lessons you also encounter the entire year. With this, may you continue to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

Ready to take off in 2-0-2-1! Here's to more adventures, human connections, and purposeful life!

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