Purple Tonic: An Energizing Superfood Smoothie's Secrets Revealed

Purple Tonic Superfood Smoothie by Nutes Nutrition

Want to supercharge your body for the everyday grind? Then Purple Tonic is the right drink for you. This energizing smoothie contains a mix of nutritious ingredients that help build your defense against sickness. Let’s take a close look at each ingredient and find out what they contribute to a healthy and energy-boosting smoothie.

Energizing Smoothie Ingredient no. 1: Bananas

Bananas are pretty much a staple of different health diets. But you will still be surprised at the number of benefits you can get from it. First up, the fruit is a good source of the following key vitamins and nutrients:

  • Vitamin B6: Great for maintaining a healthy nervous system

  • Vitamin C: Protects your body against cell and tissue damage

  • Potassium: Helps maintain blood pressure and promote general heart health

  • Manganese: Boosts collagen production and protects the skin from damage

  • Magnesium: It has anti-inflammatory benefits that will protect against chronic diseases

  • Copper: The nutrient promotes bone growth and protects from diseases like osteoporosis.

Aside from these essential nutrients, bananas contain a good amount of carbs for your energy needs. On the other hand, it has very little fat. So, you don‘t have to worry about consuming too much when drinking. 

Regulating Body Functions

Having well-regulated internal functions is key to a healthy body. And the humble banana can help you a lot in this area. It contains two different kinds of fibers: pectin and resistant starch. Both of these types contribute to better bowel movement, lessening digestive issues. Resistant starch also helps in making you stay full longer and controlling your weight. 

Additionally, bananas can help control your blood sugar levels. Both pectin and resistant starch work to prevent spikes in your sugar levels. The fruit ranks low in the glycemic index, which makes it a good option for diabetics

Energizing Smoothie Ingredient no. 2: Berries

Purple Tonic also contains three different berries: strawberries, blueberries, and acai berries. Each of these have unique benefits that aid the body in fighting potential diseases. Together, they make a potent mix in an energizing smoothie. 


One of the biggest health draws of strawberries is that they contain plenty of antioxidants. These chemicals help the body fight diseases by removing harmful free radicals. There are several types of antioxidants that you can get. 

  • Anthocyanins: Responsible for the bright color of fruits, anthocyanins protect your heart. 

  • Ellagic acid: This chemical is useful for fighting against harmful bacteria and may help in preventing certain types of cancer

  • Procyanidins: These are typically found in the skin and flesh of the fruit and may help deal with chronic diseases. 

Aside from fighting diseases, these antioxidants can help slow down aging and keep you looking younger longer. All of these antioxidants are found in generous amounts in the fruit. This means that you are getting a healthy dose of them even just by sipping a smoothie. 


Like strawberries, nutrition experts consider blueberries as an antioxidant superfood. Aside from protecting your heart, antioxidants help in improving brain functions. The fruit does this by helping improve delayed memory and executive functions. This makes it a wonderful food for older adults who wish to keep their memories sharp. 

Another standout benefit of blueberries is their ability to help in muscle recovery. It does this by reducing induced muscle damage resulting from strenuous activities. Such damage can lead to soreness, reduced muscle force, and hindered performance. Because of that, many dieticians suggest eating blueberries before and after exercise sessions. 

Acai Berries

Acai berries might be the least familiar of the Purple Tonic energizing smoothie’s trio of super berries. But they have some great health benefits that you would not want to miss out on. One of these is their ability to control cholesterol levels  

A 2011 study showed that the acai berry can reduce the total amount of LDL cholesterol. Too much of this type of cholesterol leads to the formation of plaques that might trigger heart issues. Acai berries can also help reduce blood sugar levels, supporting its role in heart disease prevention. 

You will also love this superfood for its skincare properties. Like the other two berries, acai berries have a lot of antioxidants that take away skin-damaging free radicals. This fruit can also help you heal wounds faster. 

Energizing Smoothie Ingredient no. 3: Beet Juice

Beet juice is one of the several organic ingredients that make up Purple Tonic’s natural smoothie recipe. Like the other ingredients, it has a good nutritional profile and provides a dozen essential vitamins and nutrients. Besides that, beetroot is a good source of the following beneficial compounds. 

  • Phytochemicals: These stimulate your nervous system and help reduce stress brought by free radicals. 

  • Betalains: This group of antioxidants has anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate tissue and muscle problems. 

  • Nitrates: The main benefit of this group of organic compounds is improving your body’s blood flow. 

When combined with the other nutrients found in Purple Tonic, these compounds help fend off different diseases. They also help you detoxify your body naturally. 

For those who love to exercise or do a lot of intense activities, beet juice also helps in improving stamina. The juice does this by opening up your blood vessels and increasing the flow of oxygen to your organs. Meanwhile, it has a substantial amount of iron that would help people suffering from anemia. 

Beet juice is also great for older people. The nitrates that it has improve blood flow to the brain. This slows the progress of dementia. Additionally, it can help maintain weight and blood sugar levels. 

Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy with Nutes Purple Tonic Energizing Smoothie

With the list of health benefits that you can get from the Purple Tonic energizing smoothie, there’s a lot of reasons to stock up on it. And the best part is that it's delicious and all-natural. So, grab a pack now and start sipping your way to a healthy body. 

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