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Help us Choose our Need Nutes Contest Winner!

We asked you to tell the world why you need Nutes! You showed us how Nutes Superfood Smoothie Pucks™ help you achieve your nutrition goals by submitting an image. We chose the top 9, and now we need your help to determine our winners! 


Entry #1 - Elizabeth 

"My story with Nutes started a few months ago when I got a new job. Mornings became crazy busy, I would usually run out the door without eating any breakfast and grab something on the way. That was until I discovered Nutes at Sobeys! I now make smoothies for my breakfast each morning and drink them on my way to work – it is quick, healthy, and delicious. I sometimes will add in some hemp hearts for some extra protein!"


Entry #2 - Daven 

"I'm a busy accountant and I have been using Nutes for a couple of weeks now. I like to get my workout done first thing in the morning and I mix in protein powder with this smoothie for a healthy post-workout breakfast. I really enjoy the fresh taste and quality ingredients!"


Entry #3 - Angela @guidedwellnessbyangela 

"This is what happens when I can’t decide between a creamy bowl of nice cream or a delicious fruit smoothie. Good thing @vistamagcanada arranged for me to try out @nutes.nutrition Frozen Superfood Smoothie Pucks - which made the smoothie part of this bowl super easy. I just reached into the bag, pulled out 2 frozen smoothie pucks, dropped them into my blender along with coconut water and blended until smooth. Smoothie done!

If you follow me regularly you know that I am all about nourishing the body with nutrient-dense food and take a pass on artificial flavours and colours as well as added sugar. NUTES checks all my boxes and there is no compromise on TASTE! That’s important especially when it comes to my kids."


Entry #4 - Monika @monika_tupholme

"Easy peasy - Check out my insta stories to see Mila’s favourite ‘kid-approved’ smoothie.⁣
Maybe your kids are the same…. Mila will eat pretty much anything but Jordan  I have to get creative … especially with the veggies, we use Nutes Superfood smoothies a lot to help make sure he is getting them in!⁣

The key ingredient is Nutes Superfood Pucks because they are not only quick for a Mom on the go but you also know what you are getting...⁣

...whole food ingredients, no fillers, raw and unpasteurized, non-GMO, and most of all they taste great. ⁣

No weird aftertaste or chalkiness that doesn’t blend well. Plus as you can see from Mila … kids love the pucks @vistamagcanada and @nutes.nutrition"


Entry #5 - Quincy @itsmequincyb

"@nutes.nutrition frozen superfood smoothie pucks are flavourful, unpasteurized and nutritious! Topped with homemade granola. It is such a nutrient dense topping that is so versatile and can be put on...well, everything"


Entry #6 - Michelle @find_wellness 

"If you have followed me for a while now, you know I am a smoothie lover! So when the opportunity arrived through @vistamagcanada to try out at @nutes.nutrition Superfood Smoothie Pucks. You know I was on it!

I should explain why, as I don't accept everything that I am offered.

Nutes uses REAL FOOD ingredients! And that's it! Each flavor was incredible and filled with real food ingredients that I would use at home in a smoothie. And no added sugar!
Nutes makes it easy for you and me, as all you do is throw in 2 smoothie pucks and one cup of your chosen liquid and blend!
No need to buy a ton of ingredients! And it works out to about $3 a smoothie! WHOOT WHOOT! I love this as their flavors are so tasty, and I get variety each day! I should mention, the texture and flavor are on point! Smoothies are a great easy way to add more plants and nutrients, but we can't sacrifice taste!"


Entry #7 - Laura @lauramartire.hw

"SMOOTHIES for everyone! My family and I love our morning smoothies. They make for a simple and nutritious breakfast and so of course when the opportunity arrived through @visttamagcanada for me to try @nutes.nutrition Superfood Smoothies I couldn’t resist.

We’ve tried all 5 flavours - Purple Tonic, Mocha Berry, Pink Pulse, Go Go Green and Black and Blue and well truthfully we love them all!!

They come in freezer pucks packed with tons of nutritious ingredients so all you have to do is add them to the blender with your liquid of choice (we love using either coconut or almond milk) and blend well. I’ve also been adding in our adaptogens, protein powder and lots of flax and chia seeds to up the nutritional punch.

So we will definitely be keeping these stocked in our freezer to help keep us on track and ensure we have quick and healthy snacks/breakfasts ready to go for those busy days."


Entry #8 - Gill @thenourished.soul

"In honor of the holiday season (and my day dreaming of a beach) I created this healthy ‘nice cream’ bowl with @nutes.nutrition frozen smoothie pucks as a tasty ice cream alternative to enjoy over the holidays.

Nutes is a Canadian company that created frozen smoothies pucks for easy and on the go nutrition. I love that their products are clean and made from scratch with no added sugar or fillers - just whole fruits, veggies and superfoods!

These frozen pucks are great for a quick and easy morning smoothie to start your day on the right track 🏃🏻‍♀️ just add water or nut milk, blend and enjoy."


Entry #9 - Lana @lanaholistics

"Mmmmm been LOVING these @nutes.nutrition smoothies lately.
Incredibly easy to make, they come in smoothie pucks, all you have to do is add 2 pucks to blender + liquid of your choice and blend. My favourite part about these smoothies (next to the amazing taste) is that they are UNPASTEURIZED 🙌🏼 a lot of companies pasteurize to extend shelf life which can denature the natural enzymes in the process. Real ingredients too with NO artificial flavour or colours, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan AND a local business, need I say more?

I waited to post this to try all the flavours many times to pick a fave but they are all amazing & I can’t decide. Head to their website to find where to buy!

Thanks so much @vistamagcanada & @nutes.nutrition for the wonderful delivery."


Grand Prize - $500!

Regional Runner-Ups - a Nutes Special Delivery! All 5 Flavours of our Nutes Superfood Smoothie Pucks™ delivered to you door!