Pink Pulse Smoothie Bowl

Pink Pulse Smoothie Bowl

Learn how to turn our Pink Pulse Superfood Smoothie Pucks into a delicious smoothie bowl! Smoothie bowls don't have to be complicated anymore. Simply use half the recommended liquid for one of our smoothies and top with your favourite toppings! 

Our Pink Pulse Superfood Pucks feature banana, strawberry, pineapple, pure orange juice, beet juice, carrot juice, pear juice, ginger juice, goji berry, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. 


Pink Pulse Smoothie Bowl



- 2 Pink Pulse Superfood Smoothie Pucks 

- 1/2 cup liquid of choice, plus more as needed


Suggested Toppings: 

- Blueberries 

- Kiwi 

- Toasted Coconut 

- Granola 



To prepare your smoothie bowl, add 2 smoothie pucks to your blender along with 1/2 a cup of your liquid of choice. We love nut milks, water, or coconut water! Blend until smooth. Slowly add additional liquid if needed until you reach your desired consistency.

Top with your desired toppings. For this smoothie bowl, we used kiwi, blueberries, toasted coconut, and homemade granola! 


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