What Are Nutes?

What are Nutes?

So… What are Nutes?

"Nutes" is short for nutrients, in particular when those nutrients are concentrated and provided in liquid form! Nutrients are essential to life and good health, and we should aim to consume foods with high concentrations of beneficial nutrients. Nutes frozen superfood smoothies and juices are liquid plant power, providing your body with lasting clean energy to fuel your body throughout the busy day.

NUTES are healthy, tasty "fast foods"

Never pasteurized. Densely nutritious. Power your body with clean, plant-based, fuel. We use the highest quality whole food ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. Very little processing is required to make Nutes, and they are crafted in small batches. Nutes are the best tasting, highest quality frozen smoothies in Canada!


1. Nutes Superfood Smoothie Pucks save you time just add liquid, blend and enjoy!

2. Fresh-freezing preserves all the nutrient and enzyme power of healthy plant-based ingredients. Your gut microbiome needs all the raw plant power it can get!

3. Nutes is the only smoothie brand that contains unpasteurized, organic, cold-pressed juice, resulting in superior taste and added nutritional value

4. Nutes do not contain powdered supplements, meaning no unpleasant taste, aftertaste or texture -- Nutes smoothies taste just like freshly made from scratch, every time!

5. Nutes save space and reduce waste in your kitchen.

6. Superfood smoothies are the easiest and most effective way for people to increase consumption of the raw healthy plant foods essential for wellness, so people who are not making their own superfood smoothies...100% NEED NUTES!

Nutes smoothie flavours

Nutes smoothies were created with the entire family in mind. Whether you are a super-dad, a super-mom, a super-grandparent, or a junior superhero, we make a delicious and nutritious smoothie you'll love, that will give you the clean energy you need to power through your day.